1. Reflowable and Fixed-Layout ePubs

for tablets

We produce and convert all types of books to ePub standard, and mobi – Amazon standard. We are specialized in complex projects and in Fixed-Layout ePubs, specially conceived for children's books and illustrated works. You can read more about it here.



2. Publishing Apps

for iPad and Android tablets

We creat publishing applications for iPad and Android tablets. Our projects include catalogs, library apps and enhanced children ebooks with gaming and interactive elements. Our modular way of development allows us to customize several app templates according to our clients' needs and strategies, while saving time, resources and costs.

3. Publishing

Project Management

Thanks to our partnership with Freire SL and to a versatile and agile team, we are prepared to manage publishing projects both nationally and internationally. We add value and experience to print and digital projects and we also produce multimedia features, create content as well as publishing packaging.

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You can visit our blog pobregutenberg (named after poor, digital age neglected Gutenberg) in which you will be able to find the latest news and thoughts about digital publishing. And you can also mail us at info@booqlab.com.

Spanish “For Dummies” series already available for iPad and eReaders

Grupo Planeta, the major publisher and market leader in spanish speaking countries, has ordered this reference series ePub ebooks. Given its complexity, due to the variety of styles, images and graphics, the conversion job is a great challenge taht we’re delighted to accept. At the same time the iPad application is being launched. This application allows the reader to manage, read and buy the whole series with only one app and with just a few clicks. In this case, booqlab is also providing the PDF conversion of the books that feed the app content stream.

Publishing Department of Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) is interested in our work

Booqlab has reached an agreement with this prestigious university publishing department to convert toe Pub all the books that the department can’t handle internally. Aware of the difficulty of converting scientific and technical books, given its structural complexity, UAB has chosen us to be their partners in this adventure.

Cooperativa del Ribeiro, traditional winemakers, have trusted us

We are currently developing all eBook related projects for the prestigious winemaking company cooperativa del Ribeiro.

The first project is an eBook detailing and illustrating all the steps of a wine tasting session. The Ebook has been produced in ePub standard, both in spanish and english.

The tablet app version is currently under development.

More information: info@booqlab.com

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Core team
Tiago Romeu
Project Manager